Trickle Down Happiness is coaching for working professionals–because we are trying to have it all…and it’s killing us!

Do you recognize some of these stresses associated with having it all?



Am I really giving 100% to anything?

Is this really what it takes to advance in this company?

Guilt, and more guilt, and even more guilt

Uhhh…where did my health and vitality go?

Who am I…really?

I have to finish this report and get to my son’s game in 15 minutes…who do I disappoint?

Is there such a thing as work/life balance?

This struggle to be balanced and “have it all” can break the best of us, until we break out the best in ourselves. All working parents need to reclaim their lives…become the best they can be….develop themselves…increase their passion, purpose and happiness. When you become your best self, that Trickles Down to your family, your friends, your employer, and everyone you meet.

Change the world…..be your best.

Paul Gilbride, CPC, ELI-MP

The greatest gift we can give the world is becoming the best authentic version of us we can be. Living a passionate, fulfilling and meaningful life is infectious. The Happiness that comes with such a life Trickles Down to our spouses, family, and to the world. We all have everything we need to be the best we can be, sometimes it’s just a matter of getting out of our own way.

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Invest in your family by investing in yourself

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